When you prepare for a job interview, there are ways you can assure yourself of success. Know as much as you can about the company with which you’re interviewing. Prepare yourself for every possible question about the job, and know what you can and cannot do. In other words, do not depend entirely on your interviewer. Research the company, and make a list of questions you want to ask about it as well as the position and current projects. Strengthen your confidence by reflecting on your past accomplishments and what made them a success.

Have a business conversation, not a job interview.
Be able to account for your ability to MAKE MONEY, SAVE MONEY, and SOLVE PROBLEMS! Before you arrive at the interview, review how your recent efforts have benefited your previous company or companies, especially in terms of profits and savings.
There’s only one reason to go on an interview – to get an offer!
Every interview question can be interpreted as “What can you do for me?”
Always use numbers – be specific in how much time you saved, and how much money you made.
Be prepared to discuss how your strengths would be an asset to the new company. Be ready to discuss your career plans and a timetable to implement them.
Show interest in the position – tell the interviewing team that you would like the job!
Be polite.
Sit upright.
Make a positive, energetic first impression: remember, there’s the first one minute of an interview, and then there’s everything else.

Source: Kimmel & Associates 2005

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